Combating the pandemic

As of date on 26th May 2021, more than 100 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the পিয়ালি/piẏāli (Piyali) area, and the diseas has claimed more than 20 lives. Due to a Health Care Centre in the region and limited means of testing, we presume that the numbers are severely under reported.

We are providing primary healthcare support.

We are sanitising the houses of COVID-infected people and the neighbourhood areas, in পাটুলিপাড়া/pāŧulipāṛā (Patulipada), দাসপাড়া/dāspāṛā (Daspada), কলোনিপাড়া/colonypāṛā (Colonypada).

We have procured some safety items and portable oxygen cylinders to help the people in need.

স্বপ্নের সাথী (svôpnēr sātʰī) has given us 20 Litres sanitiser and Token of Love has also decided to stand with us in the battle.

From the 21st of May, 2021, we started a ‘COVID canteen’. We are home-delivering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to COVID-infected patients of the area. The meals usually consists of fish for lunch and egg for dinner and chicken every 3/4 days. We are also providing bananas, guavas and other fruits and health supplements.

We have arranged an auto as a make-do ambulance for ferrying patients when urgently required. Below is how we are transporting the severely affected patients to the nearest hospital which is in Canning, 20 KM away from পিয়ালি/piẏāli (Piyali). We are also supporting the patients with small portable oxygen cans during the transfer.

We are trying our best in our limited capacity. However, the unavailability of oxygen supply and ambulance service in the region still remains a big challenge. By the time we take the patients to the hospital in the auto it becomes too late. Any leads on ambulance and oxygen service near পিয়ালি/piẏāli (Piyali) will benefit us a lot, please let us know.

We are looking to buy a standard ambulance. For that, we need your support.