Sowing mangrove saplings

On the occasion of World Environment Day, on the 5th of June 2021, we sowed 200 saplings of mangrove plants in পাখিরালয় (pākʰirālôẏ), on the banks of the গোমর (gōmor) river, in সুন্দরবন (sundorbon). Cyclone Amphan devastated the mangrove forests here in 2020.

With the aim of saving সুন্দরবন (sundorbon), we have taken the pledge for planting 2000 mangroves every year. We will also take care of them, so that these trees can save us in the long run. Our first objective is to not leave any part of the banks of গোমর (gōmor) river free of mangroves.

Help us build a resilient সুন্দরবন (sundorbon), the largest river delta in the world.