Distributing sanitary napkins to women

We surveyed the villages affected by Cyclone Yaas to provide mosquito nets, clothes, and other essentials to the people.

We have also planned to organise an awareness campaign for flood mitigation and mangrove conservation.

It is hard to imagine that even today women and even school-going girls do not use sanitary napkins. We are working to raise awareness among the marginalised people by organising awareness campaign in the villages.

With the help of the humanitarian group পুরনো কলকাতার গল্প (purono kolkātār gôlpo), we provided sanitary pads to all the mothers in the tribal village at জটিরামপুর (joŧirāmpur).

The team has identified 100 families and we will be providing them sanitary pads every month.

Help us build a resilient সুন্দরবন (sundorbon), the largest river delta in the world.